Tuesday, June 18, 2002

OK - so, I'm Paddy, guitarist with the (frankly fabulous) Digby - perhaps also the other two members of the band (Ian and Max) will have something to say as well. What we are missing at the moment is a drummer. Perhaps you are that drummer, the holy grail, the four leafed clover, the beater of things that must be beaten? If so then please in the name of all that is decent and holy get in touch!

Also, we've got a tune coming out on a compilation CD by those marvellous chaps at Jambeezi along with a load of other great tunes from the north-west - I suggest you buy a copy as soon as possible, cause apparently it'll be a very limited edition indeed.
Hmm. So this is a Blog, eh? Well, here we go, about 10 million years behind Wil Wheaton, I've made one. And now (naturally) I can't think what to write in the bastard.